28 September 2008

why a business will fail

Scott Kurnit of the Mining Company (aka About.com) told me there are three reasons why a business will fail: it's a bad idea, bad execution or outside factors.

If you examine your business with these three filters right now, you can baseline where you're at: one, two or three strikes.
Calacanis: Collapsing Economy Will Kill 50%-80% Of Startups

07 September 2008

Web Event Business

บทความ 3 ตอนของ CNET พูดถึง TechCrunch 50 จุดอ่อนจุดแข็ง และจุดที่น่าวิจารณ์ ผลประโยชน์ทับซ้อน ฯลฯ

Are Demo and TechCrunch50 fragmenting their audiences?

เปรียบเทียบธุรกิจ event การเกิดตัว web startup ของ DemoFall กับ TC50 ลองอ่านดูจะเห็นกลยุทธของ Arrington แล้วควรเทียบกับ FOWA ของ Carsonified ด้วย

A user guide to following DemoFall and TechCrunch50
At the TechCrunch50, an unfair advantage?

พูดถึงผลประโยชน์ทับซ้อนของ TC50 กับ TechCrunch

05 September 2008

Community Personas

Community Personas
  1. The Initiate
    A new member in a community comes for information or for a shared interest.
  2. The Observer
    At first, the new member will primarily read other members’ contributions, observe activity, and perhaps occasionally post questions.
  3. The Convert
    The observer quickly absorbs the common values and rules of behavior of his customer community. Each customer community represents a small-scale society, and has its own implicit values and rules of behavior.
  4. The Evangelist
    Once the member surmounts the timidity that comes with being “the new neighbor on the block”, he will start posting and contributing to the common body of knowledge generated by the community.
  5. The Opinion Leader
    Finally, as the member’s posts accumulate and his contributions become noticed, he gains respect from the community and becomes an opinion leader to whom other members often pay deference through quotes and direct positive references.
"one’s recognition and prestige are directly related to the quality and quantity of contributions to the community."

03 September 2008

Thai culture @ work in International company

เป็นสไลด์ของคุณ p_warawit ที่พูดในงาน BarCamp ครับ อ่านบล็อกของเจ้าตัวประกอบ พูดถึงสไตล์การทำงานเอเชีย/ไทย vs ฝรั่ง ได้น่าสนใจ