27 January 2006

The Art of Bootstrapping

จาก Guy Kawasaki's

"too much money is worse too little"
  1. Focus on cash flow, not profitability.
    The theory is that profits are the key to survival. If you could pay the bills with theories, this would be fine.
  2. Forecast from the bottom up.
  3. Ship, then test.
    ”Perfect“ is the enemy of ”good enough.“
    you can't ship pure crap. But you can't wait for perfection either.
  4. Forget the ”proven“ team.
    Hire young, cheap, and hungry people.
  5. Start as a service business.
  6. Focus on function, not form.
    Design great stuff, but buy cheap stuff.
  7. Pick your battles.
    don't fight on all fronts
  8. Understaff
  9. Go direct.
    God invented ecommerce so that you could sell direct and reap greater margins.
    And God was doubly smart because She knew that by going direct, you'd also learn more about your customer's needs
  10. Position against the leader.
    Toyota introduced Lexus as good as a Mercedes but at half the price
  11. Take the “red pill.” (from The Matrix)
    The red pill led to learning the whole truth. The blue pill meant waking up wondering if you had a bad dream.
    As long as you have money, you're still in the game.

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